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Sylvie Desrosiers started her career as a graphic designer in the Ottawa-Gatineau area communication agencies, and then continued her career as a project manager. Then, as a Communications Advisor at National Defence for ten years, she developed and implemented strategic communications plans while advising senior management. In this role, she developed expertise in management of Internet sites and extranet, and played an advisory role in this field within the group.

In recent years, Sylvie has returned to her first love: communications for small businesses and self-employed people. She specializes in strategic planning and implementation of action plans. She also returned to the drawing board where she creates original and striking images for the publicity campaigns and communication tools of her customers. Her experience and knowledge in both management and creation allow her to have an overview on the objectives of her customers and the ways to achieve them.


My brain is always working. I store a lot of information that will serve me (and you), sooner or later, to enrich a strategy or to ad the final touch to the visual of an advertising campaign.

There is nothing like seeing a company take off, and to have participated, even slightly.

I had a few jobs and made a few detours before arriving here. Graphic designer, project manager, back to school, federal public servant… to finally kick off the job I’m passionate about: communications consultant and graphic designer for small businesses and self-employed.

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